Weather or not

The new project on which we are working on right now is dealing with climate issues and weather. It will be titled “Weather or not”. How much does my personal choice influence our environment, climate and the world where we live in?

Without what am I willing to live? If I'm not willing to give up anything minor now, then (maybe)I'll be missing something important in the future.

The piece will premiere at the end of October 2024, target audience of the performance will be people over the age of 10 and families. We’ll perform it in schools and theatre spaces. 

The  audience interaction will be involved in the performance as in our previous pieces. We love to draw the audience into our performances through the games, because playing is the common language that everybody understands. 

Authors, choreographers and performers: Ajjar Ausma, Helen Reitsnik, Kärt Tõnisson, Päär Pärenson,  Tiina Mölder
Stage and costume designer: Marta Konovalov
Lighting artist: Oliver Kulpsoo
Composer: Kalle Tikas
Duration of the performance: approx  60 min

Premiere: October 2024

Practical information

Age group: 10+

Performance space:  Hall or an auditorium with at least 10x10m floor space and speakers. Blackout possibility

Audience: 70 - 80, audience is included in the performance

Team: 5 performers, 1 technician, 1 producer

The performance is suitable for multi language audiences.

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