Director: Helena Krinal (krinal | mansour)

Performers: Tiina Mölder, Helen Reitsnik and Ajjar Ausma

Set designer: Keili Retter

Light designer: Oliver Kulpsoo

Sound and graphic designer: Asma Ghanem (Palestine)

Dramaturg: Katrin Tegova

Production: Väike Objekt A and United Dancers of ZUGA

Co-production: krinal | mansour and Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava

Photos: Anastasia Semjonova

In a world where noise has become the norm, it is the silence that terrifies us.

‘Noise’ is a physical meeting of sounds, bodies, space and vibrations; soaked and served with all kinds of noise we have grown accustomed to, regardless of their disruptive effect on our lives.

A dance performance born in the quiet of Estonia and raised on the loud streets of Palestine.

foto Anastasia Semjonova

foto Anastasia Semjonova