The Great Unknown

Authors, choreographers and performers: Tiina Mölder, Kärt Tõnisson, Helen Reitsnik, Ajjar Ausma, Päär Pärenson
Artist: Keili Retter
Lighting artist: Oliver Kulpsoo
Composer: Lauri-Dag Tüür
Dramaturg: Andri Luup
Technical support: Marko Odar
Duration of the performance: approx 1 h
Premiere: February 18th, 2022 at Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava

Photos: Alan Proosa

Often the stories in our lives are serious or even deadly solemn, final! Live carefully, walk along the string, do not get cold, you will get sick and an icicle will fall on your head, you will break your neck and find your end. But what if that end isn’t the end? If all this has no sad ending? Just as the starry sky seems endless, enchanting and endless to us. What if all those who say that we are going to a better place, where green and moist meadows are awaiting, are right?
What if we burn away all our pain and go on a flight like fiery birds. Light and free?

Long live the great unknown, may our future be deep, beautiful, and all-encompasing. Let it be. What may come, may come.

“The Great Unknown” is a physical contemplation by Zuga United Dancers about letting go, sending someone off, and rituals that cleanse and prepare us for meeting with a new space and a new world.