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Estonian Theatre Award of the year 2009 for children theatre - for ZUGA's performance "Zuga zuug zuh-zuh-zuh"

Estonian Independent Dance Award 2009 for ZUGA's performance "Zuga zuug zuh-zuh-zuh"

Estonian Theatre Award "best dance performance 2006" - for ZUGA's performance „Wolf and woman“

Philip Morris Dance Award 2006 "the performance of the year" for ZUGA's performance „Wolf and woman“

Philip Morris Dance Award 2005 "the performance of the year 2005” for Kaja Kann's solo performance „There are Laika dogs living in Estonia”

Award of the Estonian children theatre festival "Draamake" - "Touch of the audience" - for ZUGA's performance „ZUGA's children piece“

Estonian Theatre Award "best dance performance 2004" - for ZUGA's performance “ZUGA teeb suure linna”

Philip Morris Dance Award 2002 "the performance of the year" for ZUGA's performance “Walking home solo”

united dancers of ZUGA

United dancers of ZUGA is a dance collective that was created 1999 by dance-makers Tiina Mölder, Kaja Kann and Jarmo Karing. Throughout the years different artists have participated in the various adventurous performances of ZUGA. Most important and interesting for company are the people with who company is working. Everybody can be zugan. It depence only on him or herself. There is no authoritarian leadership. ZUGA is open. Usually they are kind, not to bretty, short, demure, friendly, sensitive, shiftless and simple.

ZUGA loves the work process and takes it onto the stage enlivening the relation between performers and spectators. The result is always relative and depends from the context where it will be placed.

They have produced lot of works for the stage and site-specific pieces. One important part of ZUGAS work is performances for kids and collectiv works with youngsters. And an ather thin - they are freelancers and they work only when come together only when they feel the overcrowding need. The company has worked in theatres, parks, streets & clubs at the international festivals in Estonia, Poland, Lithuania, Romania, Russia, US, UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Latvia and Germany.

Tiina Mölder has graduated Tallinn University's dance department and improved herself in Vienna,

Bucharest, Berlin, Tallinn and with Nir Ben Gal & Liat Dror in Tel Aviv. She has worked with different

choreographers from Estonia and abroad, among others with Mark Taylor (USA), Rene Nõmmik,

Yoshiko Chuma (USA), Jarmo Karing, Katrin Essenson, Thomas Lehmen (Germany) and others. Last

dance works were in Jenni Kivelä's "Ballroom for beginners" and Cid Pearlman's "What we do in

winter". She is initiative person in ZUGA, who loves to work for kids.

Kaja Kann is a self educated artist with likes to move, talk, write, discuss, great and rehalse with

attitude thet it should change the world. She has worked with dance theatre Fine 5, Von Krahl

Theatre / Est. / and Sasha Pepeljaev / Rus. / Mart Kangro /EST/, Thomas Lehmen /GER/, VAT

Theater /EST/. She have created duet together with Juha Valkeapää /FIN/ Kann/Valkeapää. They

have unprofitable company “Pardimäe Lokaal”, what is organiziding residences in West of Estonia,

Vasta village.

Jarmo Karing is a choreographer with his original attitude towards dance. He graduated Tallinn University dance department in 2001 and has participated in several workshops with different international teachers (Benno Voorham, Riccardo Morrison, Thomas Lehmen) in Estonia and Germany. 2001 he was been working with the Berlin based Rubato Dance Company. He has a dance studio for young children in Haapsalu. It's called T-Studio. Also he was the head of Estonian Dance platform “UUS TANTS” in 2011.

Helen Reitsnik has graduated Tallinn University's dance department at same year as Tiina. Helen

improved herself in Fine 5 Dance School and has participated in several works of Estonian and

other choreographers. She likes hiking and in wintertime she goes in mountain skiing.

Kalle Tikas is self educated musican, who have smart presistent eye to visual and performing art.

He have been worked with Mart Kangro /EST/. He is a member of MIM together with Taavet Jansen

and Maike Lond. The main goal of the project is to be in the process that brings the usage of

fossil fuels and other resources to absolute minimum in performing art fiel.