ZUGA’s cooking course

Post date: Nov 20, 2011 1:13:07 PM

ZUGA’s cooking course

18.12.2011 RIGA, Festival Iguanas Balsams

Sunday mornings - brings people together for ZUGANs cooking course. The main thing in our life is eating and shitting, ZUGA deals only with main things and in real time and space and of course with real people. We share and talk and make a food collectively - all together, one food.

ZUGA have made a decision already. It was not easy choice. We had long talk about it. Should we make a soup or salad or pancakes? What would be possible or attractive, here we consider also practical conditions, do we have pans, is there an oven, can we make hot dishes etc. When we knew, it is going to be Sunday morning we opened discussion again for an hour. We know now. We will make a salad. Something special.

Everybody brings some ingredient, what he or she personally likes to add inside of food.

Of course everybody has her/his voice and choice. What is important for you, what do you like, what are your principles, what are the ideas you are standing for? Some of us want to support local food makers, but some want to be part of global world and prefer cucumbers from Spain. Everybody has her/his own thing and right to stand for it. There is a rule that we can’t throw out a one thing, which somebody from us has brought in. Maybe you have to fight for your meal product and explain to others why it is so important for you and why it has to be in. We have to find a solution.

The ingredients have to be in, but every body has to agree with them. This is collective work.

But we are friendly persons, only sometimes there will be fight and the louder voice will be the winner. Or sometimes some other tactics will be helpful like cussedness or consistency.

When we have the main ingredients, which have to be in the meal, then there is time to choose sauces, spices, and drinks. How to do a delicious food from all the things.

During the cooking course we have opportunity to share our and hear Latvian artist ideas about life, work, art. What kind of salad it will be, we do not know yet. It depends on people who come together. Everything starts from people we come together and end with people who will eat this salad. Like in art.


  • Collective work
  • Is it good enough to be yourself
  • Happy artist