old allies old muckers

Post date: Nov 20, 2011 4:58:44 PM

United dancers of ZUGA invites the audience to talk about "what happens when friends get old".

"Kanuti Gildi SAAL has become our home. Sometimes there have been attempts to break away. To grow up. To be independent. To do things in a different way. We´re grown out of teens and found our way back home, where it all started."

ZUGA is a dance company that exists only when ZUGA really wants. The effort of only one person is not enough for that. In 1999 we really wanted. The sea was deep and the Republic of Estonia was new and open. We gave performances in New York, San Diego, Yekaterinburg, Germany, Romania, Holland etc. Kind American uncle Soros supported us. We were important.

During 2006-2010 the members of ZUGA were active on their own. Everyone worked on what they found was most important. There was less and less travelling. As well as less grants. The world became tighter.

In 2010 all members simultaneously felt an urge to get together. To experience once again the pros and cons of group work. To get the picture of what has happened meanwhile both in personal view of world and in wider cultural scene.

In ZUGA no one is more important than the other. The rule that the one who screams louder is right is also not valid any more now when we are approaching 40. We have had to create new rules form the scratch, rules that make collaboration possible. Agreements that are not compromises. This is damn difficult. During the process it often felt like maybe never is better than late.

Now when the premiere is close we can say that it is possible ant it rocks."

Idea and realization: Tiina Mölder, Kaja Kann, Helen Reitsnik, Jarmo Karing, Kalle Tikas

Scenographic support: Liina Keevalik

Photos: Margus Terasmees

Video: Martin Sookael

Co-producer: Kanuti Gildi SAAL

In collaboration with: Pardimäe Lokaal, Vasta school, Von Krahli Theatre

Supporters: Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Cultural Heritage Department of Tallinn City Council, Gambling Tax Council of Estonia